Quick Start Guide

    START is best suited for small project, starting project, testing project, projects not in the hurry and with no intention to iterate too often.

    FASTER is best suited for project that are a little more confirmed, more advanced, more confident, having already proven themselves, with a clear intention to grow, to get bigger.

    BOOST is best suited for project that want to launch very fast, sales/commerce projects.

    It can be also used as a temporary solution for temporary urge and neat deadlines, for another instance.

    Two more plans come in addition that requires to first connect with one of the three generalist ones:

    SLOW DOWN: when you want to have some rest. It iterates every 4 months: 980€ every 4 months.

    We don’t propose it as a starting point, because through experiences, 3 months to launch is a maximum to stick to.

    SLEEPING MODE: when you really want to get some rest but keep your project online, secure and also still get access to WWWWEB tools and platform –> 89€/month

    One plan for each need (^!^)



    3 months
    1080 / 3 months
    • Launch in 3 months
    • Iterate every 3 months
    • 4 times per year
    • Yearly: 4320€


    2 months
    1440 / 2 months
    • Launch in 2 months
    • Iterate every 2 months
    • 6 times per year
    • Yearly: 8640€


    1600 / month
    • Launch next month
    • Iterate every month
    • 12 times per year
    • Yearly: 19200€


    “We all come from the start-up/bootstrapping world where we are used to shipping products fast and improving over time while building a community as soon as possible. Launching is the most complicated, and during that time, many projects fail. There’s a small line between waiting and wasting, but it’s okay not to be perfect.

    WWWWEB uses a modular system that adapts to your project. We begin with a coming soon page and newsletter form to build your community. Every site launched has a main landing page, service page, about page, and contact page. We prioritize scalability while keeping launch as a priority.

    • Consulting: max 1 meeting/w. 30 mins/meeting
    • Guidance & Management: if you don’t know what to do next, we will advice you.
    • A monthly report for you to know what to do next, including analytics summary.
    • Data Analysis: every advice is given in the light of data
    • A monthly newsletter for your website subscribers
    • Maintenance:
      • security updates
      • performance improvements
      • backups
    • Domain Name
    • Hosting

    An iteration is a snapshot of a web-app. It includes the design, code, and content. Think of your website as software with modular components. Improve each part step by step, with data-based priorities.

    More or less, everything:

    Functionalities: common ones and custom ones.

    Content: adding content, improving existing content.

    • Translation modules and content
    • Articles SEO friendly
    • Product addition
    • Membership
    • Branding
    • Gallery
    • Automations
    •  ..

    For a project launch, including meetings, we require at least 60 hours of effective time  + non effective time, which includes thinking, discussing with partners, and unforeseen events. It’s reasonable for a small company to take 3 months for the first iteration of a web-app. If it’s not your first time, going faster might suit you better.

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